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Hairdressers Solihull

Top class haircut and colour. A truly luxurious experience in the salon in Solihull
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The hairdressers in Solihull provide a wide range of services and treatments

Etablished in Solihull we are experts in cutting and colouring, and our hairdressers love to create and innovate for the satisfaction of the customers. So whether you are seeking inspiration for your next haircut, or looking for a new hair colour, highlights, Brazilian hair straightening or getting hair extensions, we would love to meet you. All salon services include a consultation, head massage, conditioner and finishing products.

The hairdressers in Solihull will take care of your hair

Have you ever seen those nice supermodels on TV for a shampoo commercial? Have you seen how sleek and gorgeous their hair looks? Have ever wished you could trade your shabby, thin hair for theirs? Don't look any further, our hairdressers in Solihull can make your dream comes true.

Our hairdressers in Solihull specialise in the Brazilian hair straightening

Our salon in Solihull has built a strong reputation for Brazilian hair straightening, our hairdressers have developed the most advanced techniques to test your hair strength and adjust application to achieve the perfect hair straightening result for your hair. It will last 2-3 months and slowly washout over that time with a special shampoo and conditioner available which will help extend the benefits.


Each haircut is customized to your individual bone structure and facial features


Our highly trained staff has mastered the art of hairstyling through years of experience


From big backcombed  looks to glamorous waves and sleek styles, we provide a wide range of choices